Monday, 27 August 2012

Herbal Teas to the Rescue

Just this week to articles in the news have caught my attention:

Green Tea Eradicates Skin Cancer

The Cup of Herbal Tea that Could Fight Breast Cancer

Wow, how about that? I'm just surprised that this news hasn't been given wider publicity. Or, perhaps I should say, I'm NOT surprised!

Certainly, this kind of products don't have the huge financial gain attached to them that other drugs might have, but, come on ... let's at least pretend that we care?

Shouldn't everyone be allowed to know this kind of information and given an opportunity that otherwise they wouldn't have?

If you were a sufferer of these horrible conditions, wouldn't you want to know of every single breakthrough, no matter how small? Especially one that doesn't have horrible side-effects, which often are worse than the disease?

Please, read those articles and see if it's worth making more research to find out whether you can benefit from those products.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Four apples a day cut cholesterol away!

You might have come across this article on the Daily Mail:  How four apples a day can cut cholesterol by a quarter. I found it pretty amazing. I mean, I knew that apples were good for lowering cholesterol (see my article on Foods that help lower cholesterol), but this is another confirmation of the powerful healing power of apples. The researchers didn't quite expect these results, in fact they thought they were 'incredible'.

 Apart from lowering cholesterol those taking part in the trial also lost weight, despite the fact that they were adding 240 calories per day to their diet. An interesting side effect if you're keen to lose weight. This seems to have been attributed to the pectin, the type of fibre present in apples, which is also used in jam setting.       

 So if you need to lower your cholesterol, why don't you give apples a try? Munching on 4 or 5 apples a day is not that difficult. Perhaps you might share with us your results?


Thursday, 3 March 2011

'Salty meals can harm you in just 30 minutes'

'Eating salty meal can harm you in just 30 minutes' reads yesterday's (2/3/11) Daily Mail.

Wow!! We knew that eating too much salt could harm our arteries but that the effect could be felt so quickly I imagine no one had an idea! I suppose most people thought that they could get away with it for a long time before they'd be affected.

But what constitutes a 'salty meal'?

By 'salty meal' the researchers meant the amount of salt similar to that in a commonly eaten meal or about 4g. The guidelines in the UK recommend no more that 6g. per day but it's estimated that most people eat around 8.6g. per day!!

What's the effect on the arteries?

The researchers found that blood flow was 'significantly more impaired within 30 minutes of eating the salty meal than eating the low-salt alternative and the restriction reached a peak after an hour'.

Salty diets have been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease but also strokes, kidney disease, osteoporosis and stomach cancer. Isn't it amazing to think that we could probably avoid most of these terrible problems if we paid attention to out diet?

If you want to know what to eat to prevent problem like this to occur, please see this article on the Foods' Healing Power website.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This is what I call 'mis'information!!

 For those of you who read the Daily Mail (Wed.23/2/11), how did you react to the article on p.9 ???

The main article was about Pesticides on fruit and veg 'are wrecking men's fertility' reporting that pesticides on fruit and vegetables "could be doing untold damage to male fertility, researcher suggests".

Then they explain how 37 crop chemicals tested interfered with the action of testosterone disrupting its activity.

Well, you might think, this is a VERY good reason to turn to organic produce, no doubt, as it should be fairly clean from pesticides and the likes.

Not so quick!

The editors in their wisdom decided that that would be too much of a clear message, so they decided to add a box which reads "Organic produce 'not as good for your health".

It comments on 'a controversial study from Which? Gardening' suggesting that produce grown using modern articifial methods 'may well be better for you' because it was found to have 'significantly higher levels of antioxidants than organically grown samples'.

What are ordinary people supposed to do? Can't eat ordinary fruit and veg if you don't want them to play havoc with your fertility, but you'd better not have organic vegetables either because they don't contain as many antioxidants as the ordinary types.

So what's left??? What are we supposed to eat??

I hate this kind of reports! No wonder people are confused, they don't know what to believe with all the contraddicting information thrown at them.

I wonder whether anybody else has come across other examples of these contraddictions, please feel free to share.


P.S. If  you want to know why organic produce is better for you I found this article by Heidi Boudro very well written - Reasons To Eat Organic Food

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Food for Thought

Hi everyone!

Being my first time on a blog, I've no idea where to go from here!

But I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to find out and learn. I suppose it's a bit like learning to walk, isn't it? A few stumbles and falls, but you soon get the drift and start running.

Anyway, here I am, hoping to find my way round this blogging thing without making a fool of myself.

Truth is, I'm passionate about food, not just eating it, of course, but finding out what effect eating certain foods can have on our lives, for better or for worse.

Here is a few questions for you: Do you think it makes any difference which foods you eat? Should you be careful about choosing which foods to eat? Or do you feel you can eat pretty much anything you want and get away with it?

You might be one of the few lucky ones that eat whatever they like and how much they like and feel great and never put on any extra weight. But for most of us mortal ones, it's never that easy! Some, like me, just have to think about food to put on weight, or no matter how careful they think they are with their diet they never seem to feel any better.

Is there something we can do about that? Are there any particular foods that can actually help us with a certain condition we suffer? or can help us feel better, enjoy life and have plenty of energy to do anything we set our minds to do?

Well, there you are, this is what I would like to explore and if anybody out there has any suggestions, ideas, advice, tips, questions or anything else, feel free to jump in and let me know.

If you want to have a look at my website here it is: 

Looking forward to hearing from you,